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Fan Designed Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - Cross Checking

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How to Get In

  1. If you have not already done so, email to so I can give you permission for the cross checking spread sheet. Put “Cross Check” in the subject. You will get a permission email back.
  2. Log in to Google and select Documents from the top left Google Menu or > More > Docs or click on this Google Docs link.
  3. We will have a Cosmic Encounter Cross Check spread sheet for each new content item that we put into Beta. To start, choose one of the current expansion set items now in Beta testing; currently two aliens, GRIFTER v03 and JOKER v06.

Cross Check Layout

  1. Spread sheets have 6 columns:


    The top columns for existing and new content link to content descriptions. Open each in a separate window so you can compare.
  2. Spread sheets have 7 TABS at the bottom:

    Aliens Basic Game / Aliens Cosmic Incursion / Aliens Cosmic Conflict / Aliens Fan Design / Artifacts (Alien) / Hazards (Alien) /Tech (Alien)

How to Cross Check

  1. Choose at least ONE existing content item to cross check against new content as it comes into BETA. Use the TABS to see the different categories of content. Feel free to cross check multiple existing content items, since each existing alien generates 9 crosschecks with a BETA alien eg.
        Amoeba / Grifter
        Wild Amoeba / Grifter
        Super Amoeba / Grifter
        Amoeba / Wild Grifter
        Wild Amoeba / Wild Grifter
        Super Amoeba / Wild Grifter
        Amoeba / Super Grifter
        Wild Amoeba / Super Grifter
        Super Amoeba / Super Grifter

    For an Artifact 3 cross checks per BETA alien eg.
        Emotion Conrtol / Grifter
        Emotion Conrtol / Wild Grifter
        Emotion Conrtol / Super Grifter

    Note, you will need your game flares to cross check wild and super text.
  2. After you have cross checked your existing content (in this case Amoeba) vs Grifter, then check it vs Joker and vs each new BETA as it arrives. Soon you will be the Amoeba expert!
  3. Message Peter Olotka with any questions or problems. If it's detailed, email




What we're working on now     design discussion pdfs     Completed / BETA


Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     tech tantra design articles

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