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Fan Designed Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - Aliens

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GRIFTER v03 << BETA >> Friday November 25, 2011
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You have the power to Con. As a main player, after encounter cards are selected but before they are revealed, you may declare a Con. Use this power to discard the card you played facedown and replace it with a “hot” card which you choose from the discard pile. If the card you reveal is not an encounter card, it is treated as a 00 encounter card. After the “hot” card is revealed, it is removed from the game. Place the discard pile next to you. Only you can look through the discard pile and shuffle it.
( Main Player Only )

( Optional )

( Planning and Any Phase )

WILD  Once per encounter, you may pick one of the main players and force that player to remove one card in his or her hand from the game.
( As Any Player )

( Any Phase )

SUPER  Instead of removing your “hot” card from the game, you may stash it in a stack on your alien sheet. You may play cards normally from your stash, but the stash is not part of your hand. If your Grifter power is zapped, discard your stash.
( Main Player Only )

( Resolution and Planning )

Everything you've ever heard about the Grifters is a lie, especially everything they've told you. Better check your pockets and your planets; Grifter's probably already gone there and taken what they wanted!


Remember that when there is an alien power conflict, offense goes first, then defense.

The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.


Possible New Expansion Set Game Rule - COSMIC STASIS

If a COSMIC QUAKE occurs (Cosmic Conflict Expansion) and there are not enough cards for all players to draw a new hand of 8 cards each, a COSMIC DIMINISHMENT is declared and all players draw 5 cards. If there are not enough cards for each player to get 5 cards, COSMIC STASIS is declared and the game ends in a universal draw.




fan designed cosmic expansion     What we're working on now     Completed / BETA     Cosmic Cross Checking

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     discussion archive pdfs        tech tantra design articles




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