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Fan Designed Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - Aliens

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JOKER v06 << BETA >> Friday December 2, 2011
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You have the power to add wildness.

Game Setup: Take two joker wild cards. Add the remaining 8 wild cards into the deck at the same time that flares are added to the deck and the deck is shuffled. You will be dealt 6 additional cards as your hand.

Play: In an encounter, you may play a wild card face down instead of an encounter card. When cards are revealed, your power allows you to declare the wild card as any valid encounter card. The wild card you played is removed from the game after the encounter. Any other player may also play a wild card face down in an encounter and, when revealed, if your power is active, declare the wild card as any valid encounter card. At the end of the encounter, any wild cards played in the encounter are given to you. Whenever a wild card is revealed, if you are zapped, any player who played a wild card loses and you do not collect the wild card.
( As Any Player ) ( Mandatory ) ( Reveal and Resolution )

WILD  When you are a main player, before cards are played, you may declare one attack card value to be “wild” for any player who plays such a card during that encounter.
( Main Player Only )   ( Planning and Reveal )

SUPER  When you play a wild card, it is not removed from the game; it is discarded.
( JOKER   Resolution )


The Fun-loving Jokers enjoy humiliating the conceited, mocking the powers that be, and causing general chaos. They seek not to rule, but to satirize the universe.


Text on Wild Card

Top and Bottom: (M) Encounter




<< Graphic of JOKER >>


Wild Card


Declare as any valid encounter card. Use when Joker is in the game. If Joker does not have its power, this card loses.




Joker is a Resource type power.

The image for the center of the wild morph card is the Joker image.

We are also planning to create rules for a game variant that uses these Morph wild cards.


Art Comp by Christopher Aurel Oliveira




fan designed cosmic expansion     What we're working on now     Completed / BETA     Cosmic Cross Checking

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     discussion archive pdfs        tech tantra design articles




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