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Fan Designed Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - Aliens

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TOURIST << BETA >> Monday October 1, 2012

TOURIST TOURIST  Travels on “Cruise Liner”    Yellow

Game Setup

Take an unused planet and put up to four ships on it from your home colonies. This is your “cruise liner.” It is not considered a planet. Draw from the destiny deck until you draw a colored destiny card, and place the cruise liner in the corresponding system. Then reshuffle the destiny deck.

You have the power to Sightsee. After destiny is drawn, unless there was a hazard warning, use your power to move your cruise liner one system to the left. Otherwise, move it one system to the right for each hazard warning drawn. Then, if the cruise liner is in the defense's system, you may use this power to move all your ships from the cruise liner to any one planet in that system. If you choose not to do so, or your cruise liner is not in the defense's system, you may use this power to send a postcard home. Move one ship from the cruise liner back to any of your colonies, and then take a card at random from the hand of that system's player.

Any time your cruise liner enters your home system, even momentarily, you may move any number of your ships from your home colonies onto it, or vice versa.
( As Any Player )   ( Mandatory for moves / Optional for other actions )   ( Destiny )

You may look at the top card of any deck, or any facedown card or alien sheet, without showing it to anyone else.
( As Any Player )   ( Any Phase )

After your cruise liner moves, you may move some of your ships onto it from a colony in the same system, even if it's not your home system.
( As Any Player )   ( Destiny )

Among the most curious of all the races in the Cosmos, the Tourists have no interest in conquest. They'd rather see everything, though sometimes their visits stretch on for millennia. Their neighbors often mistake these visits for invasions. Rest assured, those really are flashbulbs and loud floral prints, not explosives and camouflage!



What we're working on now     Completed / BETA     Cosmic Cross Checking

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