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Fan Designed Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - Aliens

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GLITCH << BETA >> Monday May 14, 2012


You have the power of Bugs. At the start of every encounter, use this power to draw a card from the deck to place faceup on this sheet. (If a card is already on this sheet, discard it or add it to your hand.) This faceup “bug” card determines the rules that you must get backwards for the rest of this encounter (even if this power is later lost).

*Even Attack:* As the defense, receive rewards if you win the encounter. As a winning defensive ally, land your ships on the targeted planet instead of receiving rewards.

*Odd Attack:* If you have ships in the encounter, they go to the warp if your side wins, or they form a colony on the targeted planet if your side loses.

*Negotiate:* If you are due compensation, receive rewards instead. If you are due rewards, collect compensation from the opposing main player instead.

*Other:* Treat your flares like other non-encounter cards, and vice versa, with regard to how many you may play and whether you return them to your hand after use.
( As Any Player )   ( Mandatory )   ( Regroup )

If you should collect compensation, you may receive rewards instead. If you should receive rewards, you may collect compensation from the opposing main player instead.
( Main Player or Ally Only )   ( Resolution )

At any time, you may discard the bug card on your sheet or take it into your hand. Choose whether to finish the encounter with that bug still in effect, without a bug, or with a replacement bug from your hand or the top of the deck.
( As Any Player )   ( Any Phase )

Glitch anatomy features a backup brain in the lower abdomen adjacent to the waste processing organs. Historically dormant except in emergencies, these hindbrains have begun to misfire due to increased consumption of hyper-fructose glarn syrup, producing the most literal brain farts in the Cosmos. It is now common for neighboring species to punctuate their own mistakes by grunting “Son of a Glitch!”



fan designed cosmic expansion     What we're working on now     Completed / BETA     Cosmic Cross Checking

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     discussion archive pdfs        design articles




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