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for thursday september 22 & 29, 2011                    ( 1 )

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New Alien Powers (focus: Encounter)

Bleeding Heart Alien

For today, what I want to focus on is creating powers that focus on the decision players make when they choose to play either an Attack or a Negotiate pod (card).

My first entry, the BLEEDING HEART, is simply given the power to change the balance between Attack and Negotiate pods (cards), making Negotiate pods (cards) more plentiful than Attack pods (cards), at their discretion, before allies are invited in an encounter. The power also makes it more costly to Attack an alien who is willing to Negotiate.

As a starting point, it will be interesting to see how different players (and players with different kinds of pod (card) hands, choose to invoke or withhold this power. And to see if, in games where the power is invoked often, everyone in the game learns to adjust and make the best use of Negotiations and cooperation to accomplish their goals.

Nanny Alien My second entry, the NANNY, collects all discarded Negotiate cards and dispenses them to other players before encounters . . . and also punishes players who choose to Attack instead of trying to Negotiate.

Unlike the first power, this power probably enforces a similar kind of strategic play by different kinds of players.

Both powers will be interesting to play and to watch other players play.

(to be continued . . . )


for thursday september 22 & 29, 2011                   ( 1 )



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