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The First (Cosmic) Encounter and Trust

The Well-Played GameA post on Facebook by Jacob Meraz for our Sept. 8 tech tantra article:

This post got me thinking about the first encounter. These are some of the most stressful parts of the game; you against the unknown. There are aliens that have confidence in their powers, but for those who don't, opening with a negotiate may help smooth things over. Think of the mental effect it would have on your future allies: one who is open to negotiation may make for a powerful friend. However, many players play fast and loose with openings, and may not see the benefit. Even worse: they may steamroll you. Use sparingly, I guess, or make your intentions known.

really inspired me. I emailed Peter Olotka and said Jacob's post “made every bit of my work for this series worthwhile” . . . because it started me thinking about the dynamics and the specific psychologically significant moment when one or both players suggest a Negotiation and players decide and re-decide whether they can afford to trust each other . . . and Jacob's thoughtful post also has me percolating ideas about new aliens that might play with the dynamics that swirl around players' decisions in those charged moments.

Soon after reading Jacob's post and responding, I saw what looked like a set of articles along the same lines, playing games and trust, by Bernie DeKoven and today (Friday Aug. 9) I read his series of articles and, in part one, found this description of an amazing experience of pure play by two people . . .

more thoughts on coliberation – part one – The Well‑Played Game
by BERNIE DEKOVEN on SEPTEMBER 6, 2011 (text in square brackets added by me)

Bill [Doran] knew that I couldn’t really play ping pong. And I knew that he could really, really play . . . After a while, Bill suggested that I just try to hold my paddle still enough so that he could get the ball to hit it. Apparently, that was more than challenge enough for him. And for me, every time the ball actually crossed the net, hit my paddle, and got back to Bill was sheer magic. After a while, we managed to get an actual volley going, Bill exercising the depth and fullness of his ping pongly skills, me magically holding my paddle where it needed to be. And after a longer while, we got a very, very long volley going. And during that volley, the ball seemed to take on its own, almost internal light, as if it were inhabited by our spirits, Bill and mine, combined . . .
That one single experience led me to writing what I still think was the most important book of my career. [The Well‑Played Game]
Bill and I had shared something inarguably powerful, deeply transforming . . .

I'm thankful to Jacob and Bernie for helping me think more deeply about possible alien powers which might be created to “guide” Cosmic Encounter® play in some new directions and explore what Jacob calls “you against the unknown . . . [and possible] future allies” and Bernie calls “coliberation.” I'm also thankful because I've thought of a simple alien power that accomplishes just what I'm looking for (which I'll tell you more about later).

And I'm reminded of a wonderful Cosmic Encounter® game I once played at a game convention way back . . . sometime, I think it was back in the late 90s or early 2000s.

(continued . . . )


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