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Nanny Alien You have the power to make aliens play nice.

On each encounter, before pods (cards) are chosen and played, you may give one or both main players in the interaction one Negotiate pod (card) from your hand. Whenever a player to whom you have given a Negotiate pod, plays an Attack pod, that player will be punished by you and must give you three randomly selected pods and also must lose three ships to the warp. Players being punished who have only three or fewer pods (cards) or ships, lose what the have. Normal compensation rules also apply.

After each encounter, all Negotiate pods (cards) are given to you as your "Nanny Bank" instead of being sent to pod salvage (the discard pile). Also, if for any reason, you should play an Attack pod (card), you publicly declare your shame and forfeit all remaining Attack pods (cards) in your hand to the player or players whom you and all other players agree (majority rules, you break ties) is or are in the most need of "protection" because of a weak position in the current game.

Wild: whenever you wish you may selectively prevent Negotiate pods played by either or both main players from being jettisoned to Pod Salvage (cards from being discarded); Negotiate pods (cards) are returned to the player who played them.

Super: you have no shame (or penalty) when you play an Attack.




After several thousand years of unending wars resulting in planetary devastation and near extinction of all life on their planet systems, the alien entities now known as the The Nannies learned how to wean their young of all anti-social behaviors and are presently engaged in a campaign to find and stamp out unnecessary aggressiveness throughout the Cosmos and wish only to teach others how to enjoy cooperating and winning together.



for thursday september 29, 2011    BLEEDING HEART    article

   discussion threads




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