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New Aliens - some “short” list(s)

Brad Long - 30 Good Board Game Geek Tested Homebrews
“Regarding suggestions for new aliens, this might be a good place to start.”

Lists from Facebook discussions.

Use links in Research Sources section below to find current descriptions for any aliens with no link.  (if you send me links to current descriptions of how these aliens work, I'll add them to the alien names below. Thanks


from Jack Reda

  • Witch: Another idea about special cards that has been kicked around for along time now is Witch. The deck of curse cards is a great candidate for making that power clear and awesome.
  • Numerologist: I know there are plenty of great original ideas out there... Bill's Numerologist idea is different and very exciting. A great example of out-of-the-box thinking.

from Christopher Aurel Oliveira

  • Alchemist
  • Angler
  • Ascetic
  • Bacteria: one of my favorite homebrews: Cedric Chin's “Bacteria”
  • Explorer
  • Fracture/Portal
  • Gith
  • Nightmare
  • Planeteer
  • Praw
  • Spectre
  • Sultan
  • Tactician
  • Viper

responses from Mark Hawkinson

  • Alchemist: which one? Ver#1(Steve Craven) could be reworked but can't work as-is. Ver2(Jon Gon) that would be sweet. Ver3(Gregory George) is a lucre power, and even as-is would recuire modification. Ver4(Sean Franco) this is intriuging, but I'm nto sure how good it would be. I'd have to playtest it first.
  • Angler, ascetic, spectre, sultan, viper: ???
  • Bacteria: sounds good
  • Explorer: neato, needs tweaked a bit, but a solid idea
  • Fracture(Toomai): cool
  • Gith: want!
  • Nightmare: want!
  • Planeteer: love the idea. :)
  • Praw: maybe....
  • Tactician: neato!
  • Witch: also good

from Tech Tantra articles, Bill Eberle (in order conceived)




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what we're working on now     design discussion pdfs     completed and BETA

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     tech tantra design articles

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