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The Multitude Alien You have the power of unchecked growth.

Whenever your ships are on foreign planets, your ships multiply. At the beginning of each new turn before the first encounter, on each foreign system planet where you have a colony, you must add one additional ship for each ship you have on the planet. These ships are yours to use as you choose, governed by the same rules as your other ships on foreign planets.

(For the board game, use pennies, tokens from another game, etc. - anything that gives you the required number of similar ship tokens for your unchecked growth.)

Wild: At the beginning of your turn you may take one ship out of the Warp for every ship you have on a foreign planet. You may place these ships on your own or foreign planets, any planet where you have a ship.

Super: Your ships are immortal. When you should lose your ships to the Warp or to the Void, simply return them to any colony.




After discovering secrets for regenerating individual members of their species and finding that they were unwilling to make choices about which of them should not stay alive forever, the Multitude are now boiling out into space, seeking new places to live out their many lives.



for thursday october 13, 2011    THE ORDER    article

   discussion threads




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