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for thursday october 13, 2011                    ( 1 )

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New Alien Powers (focus: really different)

The Multitude Alien

I'm digging for ideas that really break the mold, looking for alien powers that will surprise you and anyone else seeing them in a game of Cosmic Encounter® in the board game or online.

The simple one first - THE MULTITUDE simply has unchecked, perhaps a bit slow in the beginning, but inexorable and steadily increasing ship number growth. The longer the game lasts, the more numerous your “Multitudes” become.


My other idea is more complex The Order and breaks into what has been, up to now at least, somewhat sacred territory. THE ORDER can create permanent . . . well actually semi-permanent, alliances among players. After you choose to become a part of the Order, your fate is fundamentally linked to the fate of all other players who are part of the Order. You all win or lose together. There is a way you can escape back to being “just yourself” again, if that's what you want to do, but it's costly.


Hoping to hear some more ideas for alien powers which bend the Cosmic rules in new ways,


(to be continued . . .  bet you can't invent just one)


for thursday october 13, 2011                   ( 1 )



Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook    discussion threads





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