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for thursday november 10, 2011

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook    discussion thread


Discussion about Cosmic Encounter® Online Open Source Project

Attention! Cosmic fans with internet development experience and skills. Please broadcast the following news to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.

We are considering an open source project to port our existing Cosmic Encounter Online integrated web site and game from its current technology - Flash and Actionscript object code, Java and Fortress multi-plexer (real time multi-user) server - to HTML 5 and a comparable Java based multi-platform socket server, e.g. SmartFoxServer, capable of supporting game ui for web, smart phone, and tablet clients.

And we'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas.


The interesting part of this article is in the discussion.


for thursday october 20, 2011



Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook    discussion thread




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