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tech tantra thursday
   - behind the cosmic curtain with Bill Eberle

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for thursday august 25, 2011

Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     NERD


Cosmic Encounter® MindRepeating our challenge from last week: What online only (what alien that could only exist online) does the idea of adding more game history knowledge (Bot Memory) to our game engine make you think of? I added one idea last Friday, the Nerd; and I've thought of another.

Do you have an idea for an online only, game information alien?



Facebook discussion

Peter Olotka: The Gadget - power to probe?

Bill Eberle: Sounds a bit like the other one I was thinking of; I was going to give it "the Snooper" as a name. Power to probe sounds right for what I was imagining.

Jefferson Krogh: The requirement for this to be online only makes it more difficult. I had an idea that a CEO alien might be able to look at the top few pods in the deck, but you could do that on tabletop too.
Unless -- here's a thought -- the other players couldn't see when this happened. This would render the power unzappable, though.

Peter Olotka: We actually want to create aliens that can only exist in the online environment. It distinguishes online from tabletop and it is alos more interesting to explore the online without the anchor of tabletop.


for thursday august 25, 2011



Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     NERD




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