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why photos?


Because there is so much about being alive in this moment that is absolutely amazing . . .  my poem, for a lifetime, says part of what I mean by that - if we are paying attention, we will know.

We will be told, by everything we see and hear and feel around us, by every one of our cells, by the spirit of our movement and our breath, and by the spirit that always surrounds us and flows through us, that each moment of our life and each moment of the billions of lives around us is holy, and each moment of a life is a “fit ransom for a lifetime.”

Certain moments of perception flow through me and in me as love much greater than all my sense and caring, love flowing from the universe through all being, from the holy other which is everything, into my being and into each moment of all being.

I try to see and feel and find the images of moments.

The images say it better.



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