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New Eon Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - TORTOISE

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Tortoise  Monday July 29, 2013


You have the power to Dawdle. You donít take offensive turns, instead you may discard some of your hand and draw one more than the number you discarded to replace the discards. Then play passes to the left. If zapped you donít draw/discard and you take a normal turn. You may always ally normally.

When the game ends you call: “Wait for me!” and the win is suspended. Discard some of your hand like you have been doing except that you get two cards for every discard. This is the last time you can discard and draw. You are now the only offensive player

If youíre not part of the win, use this power to make a last mad crawl to catch up with the winners. You take as many turns as you can using the destiny cards as normal and complete encounters until you catch the winner(s) or can no longer play. You keep playing even if you lose encounters. You may invite allies to go with you and they can also catch up to the winner(s) on your mad crawl. If you catch the winner(s) you are part of the win. You may NOT be zapped during your mad crawl.

If you are part of the win already (or have caught up with the winner(s), then you can choose whether to continue playing. If you donít, then the game ends with the current joint winners (including you). If you want to continue playing, then you can try to get one more colony for a solo win. But if you lose one encounter, then you lose the game and the previous win is certified without you.
(Offense Only) (Mandatory) (End of Game)




On your turn, if you have had two successful encounters, you may take a third.
(Offense Only) (Regroup)



If you lose any encounters during your “win alone attempt” you may continue to try to win until you can no longer play.
(Offense Only) (Start Turn)



The Tortoises, after millennia of conserving energy, evolved into beings who are so slow that they are overlooked by most. What surprises many is their ability to crawl to the finish line and indeed even move the line to a place where they alone can venture.





Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     tech tantra design articles

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