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New Eon Cosmic Encounter® Expansion Set - THE ORDER

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THE ORDER  Thursday December 29, 2011


You have the power of unity. As a main player, before allies are invited, you may offer your opponent membership in the Order. That player may accept by placing one of his or her ships on this sheet.

When both main players are members of the Order, no alliances are allowed under any circumstances, and revealed attack cards become negotiates.

A game win for one member is a win for all members. Powers of members cannot be zapped, lost, stolen, or copied through any means.

When you are a main player, other players may renounce membership by offering you a buyout according to the rules for deals. As part of a buyout deal you may request that the member lose any number of colonies (returning ships to other colonies). Both sides have 60 seconds to agree to the buyout, with no consequences for failure. If the buyout is successful, the player's ship on your sheet is sent to the warp.
( As Any Player ) | ( Optional ) | ( All Phases )

As a main player, if you revealed an attack card, you may change it into a negotiate.
( Main Player Only ) | ( Optional ) | ( Reveal )

As a main player, before allies are invited, you may force your opponent to become a temporary member in the Order for the rest of this encounter.
( Main Player Only ) | ( Optional ) | ( Alliance )


Jack Reda comp - The OrderHistory
Begun as a simple business running religious retreats for one of their species' six genders, the Order soon began to organize events for all genders of their kind. Over the millennia, the Order became the dominant force in their planet's economy and government. Now, having solved a troubling uprising by their mechanical inventions and ready to expand to other galaxies, The Order is offering “open enrollment” and hope to see a tidy progression towards peace and stability throughout the universe.




Cosmic Encounter® Online at Facebook     tech tantra design articles

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