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why poetry?


. . . because sometimes I have to

"I don't write poetry. Something inside of me that is related to poetry but earlier, more primitive, takes ahold of me and shakes me and takes me for a ride. The only way I can keep from falling off is to write, parse, push, feel, play, and reach . . . and keep putting words on paper or screen until it's over, and the ride ends. Then I get to take a deep breath, remember music from the trance I was in, and try to wrap my simple heart and brain around what is left - words and my sense of what I wanted to say.

What is amazing to me is what I've learned from all of these experiences, that the spark for all of the poems I get taken over and knocked about by is always love, and a desire to tell someone I care about something inexpressible and wonderful, something worth remembering."  — Bill Eberle



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